Solve Roblox High Ping Lagging Issue [Best Solutions 2022]

Solve Roblox High Ping Lagging Issue [Best Solutions 2022]

Are you suffering from high ping in every Roblox game you play? Is it too laggy while playing?

I have been playing Roblox for a long time, and I know exactly how it feels when a game is constantly lagging. Every time I opened Roblox, I saw a minimum of 1000 ping while playing last month. It’s pretty frustrating and annoying.

But this time you can through your worry away. As I faced constant lagging, I have researched why this problem occurs and tracks down the solutions you can apply.

Keep reading until you solve your problem. If you are new, you should go through our guide on generating a strong password for your Roblox account using the Roblox Password Guessing list.

Concept of Roblox High Ping Lagging

So, why is the ping on Roblox so high?

Sometimes a damaging site can cause the issue. Your ping is so high on Roblox due to network congestion, slow Wi-Fi, limited internet connection, etc.

But setting your graphics at high, software being out-of-date, and troubled ethernet cable also might provoke the Roblox to high ping and lagging.

The primary reason behind the problem is related to a poor internet connection. In addition, the issue is also responsible for outdated device drivers, corrupted DNS cache, incompatible applications, firewall or antivirus interference, and wrong graphics settings. Before this problem, if you forget your password to your Roblox account then you can get back your lost password using the Roblox Password Finder tool.

How to Fix High Ping and Lagging?

Roblox Guessing (4).jpg Roblox is the most popular online platforms people play games designed by fellow users. There are over 40 million games on Roblox that are free of cost. You can both play and create games on Roblox.

You have completed a game, but you want to play some new levels on that game. If you can figure out a frame on how the levels will be, the available options there, and stuff like that, you can change a game you wish using Roblox Studio.

So, it’s like heaven for people who love to make games, mode games, and play all the fun, challenging games. But, heaven falls apart when users suffer from a constant high ping that leads to lagging and crashing the game.

There are definite reasons behind this problem, and I will mention the reasoning and provide the solution that you can follow and apply on your end to get rid of this pathetic problem.

Here are the steps to fix high ping and lagging.

1. Restart your Home Network

Maybe your router is unresponsive because of overheating. So, if you face constant lag spikes and high ping, the first thing you do is restart your router. To continue your router, you may follow the following steps:

  1. Firstly, unplug your router from the power source and leave it for 1 minute.
  2. Plug the router again into the power source and wait for the indicator lights up.

Go to Roblox and see whether the problem is gone. If not, you are probably facing the case for another reason. So move forward and apply the rest of the solutions.

2. Update your Operating System

Updating the Operating System can solve the existing glitch and network package issues. If there is an update available on your Operating System, you should download and install it whenever you can. So, try the following steps to update your Operating System.

  1. Press the Windows key and scroll down until you find Settings.
  2. Enter Settings and click the Update & Security.
  3. Select Check for updates. Download and Install the latest package.

Run Roblox and see if the problem is solved. This might not be your problem if you see “You are up to date” on the Windows Update page after clicking Check for updates.

3. End the Heavy Apps

Playing Roblox while other heavy apps, for instance, Adobe Photoshop, Lumion, Matlab, and so on, running in the background can cause constant lagging and high ping. It would help if you closed the apps to play Roblox swiftly.

4. Lower your Graphics Settings

Roblox allows the player to set the graphics quality manually or automatically. You have to lower your graphics settings manually while facing the high lag spike on Roblox. You can apply the following measures to reduce your graphics quality.

5. Check your Windows Firewall

Sometimes your Windows Firewall blocks multiple programs without giving you any warning. You need to go to the Control Panel and manually turn off the Windows Firewall.

6. Flush DNS

An incorrect network configuration can drive to an awful ping or lagging on Roblox. You can flush the DNS and reset it to the exact network configuration if you have Windows.

7. Update the Network Driver

If your driver is outdated or corrupted somehow, you might face a high lagging and ping issue. So, you have to update your network driver. Here’s how you can manually update the network driver:

  1. Open a browser, go to the manufacturer’s website, and look for the driver for your network adapter.
  2. Download and install the driver.

After that, restart your PC/system and check if the problem is gone.


I hope this post is helpful to you to solve this issue. High ping and lagging occur due to a lot of reasons. For figuring out the reason, apply the solutions mentioned above one after another and check if the problem is long gone.